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Breakthrough in active virus protection against infection through airborne transmission

We have been researching and developing nature-based disinfection technologies for over 23 years.


Now we have made the breakthrough:

Our air nebulizer actively neutralizes bacteria and viruses in the air and is still highly compatible.


We would now like to make this technology accessible to everyone.


Would you like to protect yourself and others from viruses like corona?


Then you are right here. Please read on.


Active Protection Against Aerosol Infection Among Humans

After a short nebulisation period, the AVISNA® system builds up disinfecting aerosols in the room air, which offer active protective properties against infectious aerosols for hours. The protective disinfectant aerosols are well tolerated by the body. Laboratory tests at the University of Leipzig showed that coronaviruses in the room air were completely inactivated after a short nebulisation period.

Unique Selling Points of AVISNA Products


Unique Effectiveness

  • AVISNAir are disinfecting aerosols that are generated in-situ and distributed by nebulisation. Guaranteed to inactivate up to 99.9% coronaviruses after nebulisation;

  • Highly effective against virus variants

  • Well suited for very large rooms/arenas 

  • For future strict indoor air hygiene standards

Mann, der im Spiegel schaut

Well-tolerated by the Body

  • The disinfectant used consists of the same active ingredient as is produced and used against all infections in the human body.

  • The AVISNA® disinfectant is produced in-situ from products such as regular salt.

  • No eye or respiratory irritation; no allergy


Long-term Protection

  • The disinfecting aerosols linger in the air for hours and actively connect to other aerosols in the room

  • They immediately inactivate viruses that are already in the room or are newly exhaled

In addition to AHA+L and vaccination, why do you still need 


SARS-CoV-2 is particularly infectious because it is easily transmitted via respiratory air. AHA+L and vaccination are only passive measures.

Please click on the image below to watch an explanatory video.

You want to optimise protection for yourself and others from COVID-19? We have the solution: Avisna-Products           

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