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Yuan Gao, Developer and Shareholder of Newtec

Our company consists of motivated specialists who have been working hard to optimise water disinfection and improve air disinfection with new technology for more than 20 years. We believe in preventive measures to keep drinking water and breathing air clean. Cooperations with leading research institutes in Germany, Belgium and China create solid foundations and customer-oriented solutions.


As one of the most innovative environmental technology companies in Germany, our mission is to replicate and enhance nature’s cleaning and disinfection processes.


As part of our research against COVID-19 infections, we have achieved a breakthrough in the efficiency of eliminating viruses in indoor air: We can give a unique guarantee of 99.9% inactivation of coronaviruses after nebulisation with AVISNA. This way, we create active protection even in rooms with infected people.

Yuan Gao, Berlin



More information about the newtec group: Logo



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